The Concept

  • Affordable CAD / CAM custom furniture
  • Beautiful connection techniques
  • Own design, client designs and commissioned designs
  • Individual objects and series
By using new joining techniques, screws, bolts and even hinges are no longer necessary.

Who designs?

We make:
  • inhouse design,
  • design by the client,
  • we design for the client.
  • Individuele objecten en series.

Sawing robot

Until recently, building a robot that sawed large sheets of wood into furniture was expensive and complicated.

Now the knowledge for building such a machine is much easier available and the parts have become much more affordable.

Customization without surcharge

There used to be a dichotomy:
  • customization
  • serial production
If you draw and saw one piece of furniture, you can deliver custom work, but drawing, measuring and setting machines for the production of one piece of furniture is time-consuming. If you make ten identical pieces of furniture, the price per piece of furniture will fall quickly, but they will be all identical.

This dichotomy no longer exists: drawing and adjusting drawings takes much less time with new software and our machine converts individual drawings into individual pieces of furniture.

The price difference between mass production and customization has disappeared.

Our Machine

We work with CAD / CAM: computer aided design / computer aided manufacturing.

We design with a drawing program, the computer-controlled cutter reads the drawing and makes the furniture. The cutter, actually a milling robot, is built by us and has a working range of 250 x 135 x 40 cm.

For the Geeks

  • We draw in Fusion 360 from Autodesk (fantastic program!)
  • We also draw the CAM path, the path that the cutter will cut, in Fusion 360.
  • Fusion uses an automatic utility, brackets. Brackets converts the CAM path of Fusion into G code. G code is nothing more than a long line of points in a defined 3D space.
  • Our CNC cutter is controlled by a PC with the CAM program Mach 3.
  • Mach 3 reads the G code and forwards it to a breakout board. The breakout board distributes the signals among the drivers of the X, Y and Z engines.